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The AEI Promise

For over 25 years, Advanced Evolution Inc. has been implementing sustainable solutions for our clients worldwide. Our team members value that all companies have unique requirements and their own vision for the future. Through strategic analyses and communications with your team, we tailor our recommendations to align with your distinctive needs to achieve your most highly sought after results.

Advanced Evolution Inc. is your solution for sustainable results. We are management consultants whose main focus is Supply Chain Management. With over 14 years of practical experience within indirect material for Maintenance and Reliability and 16 years in direct materials, we have provided our clients and employers with outstanding results that continue long after we leave their organizations. Our differentiator is that we transfer knowledge to your firm so that you may continue to grow long after our initial contributions have been implemented. Our team of highly educated and exceptionally well experienced consultants, educators and hands-on subject matter experts will provide your organization with competitive advantages. Each of us are responsible for understanding the unique features of your business and blend those requirements with the known best practices to achieve sustainable results. Through critical thinking that leads to innovation, we continuously succeed in exceeding the requests of our clients.

Insightful consulting designed to fit your companies specific needs
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"Sandy has been great as a co-worker as her approach related to materials management is professional, structured and employee focused. While some will identify gaps with business practices then make recommendations, Sandy goes further by recognizing the existing culture along with employee capabilities. With this approach Sandy develops an improvement path designed to improve employee knowledge, capabilities and fit for the culture at hand. Sandy works with employees as they work through the improvement effort and provides personalized coaching/mentoring throughout the improvement journey. Sandy has excellent interpersonal skills much of which comes from her experiences, she’s been there, and she’s done that. I’ve witnessed Sandy as she worked with employees building sound material management business practices, helped employees develop themselves as professionals and established continuous improvement processes supporting company goal."

Richard Rosales, CMRP
Senior Reliability Manager

"Sandra has worked with me over several years and multiple projects as the subject matter expert for stores/purchasing/supply chain. She rapidly gains rapport with her clients and has been successful in meeting or exceeding targets for efficiency and cost savings. While engaged with her clients, Sandra also takes the time to ensure that the project team is up-to-date with project status and support needs."

William D. Conner, III, CMRP, P.E.
Senior Consultant/Project Manager
The Houston Consulting Group

"Sandy brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table and is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her ability to quickly and accurately analyze complex MRO systems and apply common sense solutions is a true gift. I had the pleasure of working with Sandy on multiple client engagements where we completed a number of challenging assessments and improvement plans together. Whenever I think about the subject of MRO I automatically associate Sandy with the best in the business and regularly recommend her as a resource."

Brandon Weil, CMRP
Operations Manager
Eruditio, LLC

Modern solutions for the modern business
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